To Press & Beyond now has a satellite office in London, England, where partner Penny Paine, director of business expansion, is shepherding children's story development for Kaplan University and offering design and production services for how-to and self-help titles by indie authors. The first book in the line up is an e–book on quilting, for which the author has a large following on social media and sizeable subscribers to her webinars.

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» To Press & Beyond Featured in Publishers Weekly
  June 2014

How to Create a Successful Self-Published Children's Book: Self-publishing a children’s book isn’t all fun and games

Aspiring children’s book authors have it tough. They’re trying to push their work into a glutted field, with far more supply than demand, and publishing houses aren’t known for investing in unknown writers. On the surface, the growth of self-publishing tools and digital marketing channels seems like the perfect answer for a children’s book author who hasn’t been able to catch the attention of a publishing house. However, the process of creating and marketing a children’s book is very different from that for a piece of fiction or nonfiction meant for adults. For instance, being able to write does not necessarily mean being able to write for children. Gail Kearns, cofounder of To Press & Beyond, an advisory service that helps self-published writers develop professional-quality books, says that many children’s book authors write from an adult point of view. Read more...

» Gail Kearns, book consulting expert, interviewed on Book That Author
  January 2012

"The goal of Book That Author is to provide the most professional and knowledgeable persons in the book industry to be a part of our podcast, along with independent authors that are really striving to move their books. We were honored to have Gail Kearns as our guest.  Her insight into the conversion of books to movie development, providing insight into the nature of literary agents, providing our audience with 5 critical points that every author should be aware of, as well as other tips, and giving an outstanding word of encouragement made the show a success. Her years in the industry make her a trusted go-to source …" –Linda Leon, Producer and Host

» Gail Kearns, Book Shepherd, featured on 1106 Design
  December 2010

» Article, "Judging a Book by Its Cover" featured on The Saavy Book Marketer
  November 2010

» Interview with Victoria from MediaQuire
  October, 2009

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